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# windows
fontname "dina:size=09pt"
borderwidth 0
gap 16 0 0 0
ignore "notify-send"
# unmap
bind C-Left unmap
bind C-Right unmap
bind C-Down unmap
bind C-Up unmap
bind C-slash unmap
bind CS-Left unmap
bind CS-Right unmap
bind CS-Down unmap
bind CS-Up unmap
bind M-Left unmap
bind M-Right unmap
bind M-Down unmap
bind M-Up unmap
bind M-h unmap
bind M-j unmap
bind M-k unmap
bind M-l unmap
bind M-H unmap
bind M-J unmap
bind M-K unmap
bind M-L unmap
bind M-period unmap
bind M-Tab unmap
bind M-Return unmap
bind M-slash unmap
bind C-slash unmap
bind 4-m unmap
mousebind "1" unmap
mousebind "2" unmap
mousebind "3" unmap
mousebind M-2 unmap
bind C-1 unmap
bind C-2 unmap
# bind
bind 4-q delete
bind 4S-q quit
bind 4-r restart
bind 4-k xlock
bind M-F2 exec
bind 4-slash search
mousebind 4-1 window_resize
# bind4tasks
# This section uses my personal scripts, see
# audio
bind XF86AudioLowerVolume "volumen down"
bind XF86AudioRaiseVolume "volumen up"
bind XF86AudioMute "volumen mute"
bind 4-minus "volumen down"
bind 4-equal "volumen up"
bind 4-m "volumen mute"
# suspend
bind XF86Sleep zzz
bind 4S-z zzz
# screen select
bind XF86Display 86display
bind 4-d 86display
# SSH to home
bind 4-s casa
# screenshot
bind Print "capture all"
# bind4apps
bind 4-u urxvt
bind 4-e "getmail --quiet"
bind 4-a "urxvt -geometry 94x25 -e alsamixer"
bind 4-l leafpad
bind 4-f firefox
bind 4-v virtualbox
bind 4-t roxterm
# groups
autogroup 1 "main,URxvt"
autogroup 2 Firefox
autogroup 2 Iceweasel
autogroup 2 "Google-chrome-stable"
autogroup 2 "google-chrome"
autogroup 3 "casa,URxvt"
autogroup 4 "urxvt,URxvt"
autogroup 4 XTerm
autogroup 4 Roxterm
autogroup 4 Skype
autogroup 4 yakyak
# Group 5
autogroup 5 "libreoffice-startcenter"
autogroup 5 "libreoffice-writer"
autogroup 5 "libreoffice-calc"
autogroup 5 "libreoffice-draw"
autogroup 5 Soffice
autogroup 5 Zathura
autogroup 5 Leafpad
autogroup 5 Sublime
autogroup 5 Gpicview
autogroup 5 feh
autogroup 5 SciTE
autogroup 5 Scite
autogroup 5 Mirage
autogroup 5 Cr3
autogroup 5 Diffuse
autogroup 5 Mcomix
autogroup 5 Mtpaint
# Group 6
autogroup 6 Gtkpod
autogroup 6 Kicad
autogroup 6 Eeschema
autogroup 6 Cvpcb
autogroup 6 Pcbnew
autogroup 6 Gerbview
autogroup 6 Gimp
autogroup 6 MPlayer
autogroup 6 Chirpw
autogroup 6 Spotify
autogroup 6 Dia
autogroup 6 Dia-normal
autogroup 6 Globaltime
autogroup 6 Xfburn
autogroup 6 Linphone
autogruop 6 Arandr
# Group 7
# This group requires `wmname LG3D`
autogroup 7 rdesktop
autogroup 7 VirtualBox
autogroup 7 "com-sun-javaws-Main"
autogroup 7 "com-mathworks-util-PostVMInit"
# select groups
bind 4-Left rcyclegroup
bind 4-Right cyclegroup
bind 4-Up rcycleingroup
bind 4-Down cycleingroup
bind 4-0 nogroup
bind 4-1 grouponly1
bind 4-2 grouponly2
bind 4-3 grouponly3
bind 4-4 grouponly4
bind 4-5 grouponly5
bind 4-6 grouponly6
bind 4-7 grouponly7
bind 4C-1 movetogroup1
bind 4C-2 movetogroup2
bind 4C-3 movetogroup3
bind 4C-4 movetogroup4
bind 4C-5 movetogroup5
bind 4C-6 movetogroup6
bind 4C-7 movetogroup7