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Copyright 2010-2012 Benjamin Van Durme. All rights reserved.
This software is released under the 2-clause BSD license.
See jerboa/LICENSE, or

Jerboa is a package for prototyping randomized/streaming algorithms and data
structures, primarily intended for HLT applications. As of the time of this
writing much of the library is Java-based: not for efficiency, but for ease of
integration in other research NLP projects. C versions exist for some subsets of
the library, which may be distributed in the future.

I am unlikely to respond to emails asking for support, but if you feel you've
discovered a bug (not too unlikely), or have something you'd like to contribute,
then feel free to issue a pull request via GitHub.

To reference this package in academic writing:

 author =       {Benjamin {Van Durme}},
 title =        {Jerboa: A Toolkit for Randomized and Streaming Algorithms},
 institution =  {Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, Johns Hopkins University},
 year =         {2012},
 number =       {7}

which can be found at: .

Maven coordinates:

README	  : this file
LICENSE	  : 2-clause BSD license
Makefile  : a simple Makefile to build the .jar file
proj/	  : projects with associated property files and shell scripts
src/	  : maven source directory
scripts/  : utility scripts