🦁 A tiny 200b timeout alternative with progress.
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Update Over Time (uot)

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Update Over Time (uot) is a 200b library to provide the easiest way for updating values over time. Provide a callback and a duration you're ready to go!

This utility can be useful for CSS animations, DOM changes, WebGL transitions or anything that can be updated based on a progress value.

It's basically a setTimeout with progress.


  • Small in size, no dependencies
  • Based on requestAnimationFrame
  • Optimized for multiple instances


$ npm install --save uot


Import the library:

import updateOverTime from 'uot';

Provide a callback and a duration:

updateOverTime((progress) => {
  // Progress value: 0 ... 1
  if (progress === 1) {
    // Handle complete
}, 2000);

Use the progress value to update the DOM (or anything):

updateOverTime((progress) => {
  // Add easing to the progress value
  progress = easeInOutQuad(progress);
  // Output the progress value to the DOM
  document.body.textContent = progress.toFixed(2);
}, 4000);

At any given time only a single requestAnimationFrame will be called.


MIT © Colin van Eenige