Scrape Corotos marketplace for a specific pet and get notified by text message when that pet is posted
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With Corotos-Pet-Finder you can set up searches for specific pets on the corotos web site (a craigslist-like website in the Dominican Republic) via text message and get a text notification when someone posts a matching offer. This service saves you multiple visits to the site in order to find the pet of your dreams.

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Corotos-Pet-Finder helps you find a pet on the Corotos Web Site:

  • by creating a subscription via text message
  • scraping the Corotos Website and notifying the subscribers via text message if there is a match
  • storing multiple subscriptions on Redis
  • summing up multiple matches per scrape into one text message

Technologies and stack


Python, Beautiful Soup, Redis




  • Set up pet search through text message

  • Scrape Corotos Website with Beautiful Soup for matches.

  • Store subscriptions via Redis.

  • Receive matches summed up in a single text message

  • Twilio API integration allows users to set up their search via text message and also receive the notification for matches.


Coming Soon!


You'll need your own API keys for Twilio!

pip install -r requirements.txt

create a which contains the following variables:
	twilio_account_sid = "[YOUR TWILIO ACCOUND SID]"
	token = "[YOUR TWILIO TOKEN]"
	my_number = "[YOUR TWILIO NUMBER]"


(If you want to monitor the calls) redis-cli >> monitor

You can use ngrok ( to create a public URL to a local webserver on your machine

Set up the messaging web hook for your twilio number to your ngrok url + "/sms"


Send a text message to your Twilio number with the type of pet you're searching for e.g. "Shihtzu"