A Ruby app that automatically merges successful Github pull requests of a given user.
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Automerge is a Ruby app that automatically merges the pull requests of a given user. The status of the last commit of a relevant pull request needs to have been set to 'success' before Automerge will consider merging it. Automerge relies on other programs that use the Github Commit Status API, such as Jently, to update the status of pull requests.

Getting Started

There are 4 small steps involved in getting Automerge up and running.

Installing the software

Automerge requires several Ruby gems to be installed. You can install all of these in one go by running:

gem install automerge

Downloading Automerge

You'll need to clone the Automerge repository to your hard drive in order to get started. You can do this by running:

git clone git@github.com:vaneyckt/Automerge.git

Modifying the configuration file

A configuration file can be found in the /config directory. There are a few configuration details that you will need to specify before running Automerge. The comments in the file should hopefully make it easy to get everything set up right.

Running Automerge

Navigate into the Automerge folder and run:

ruby automerge_control.rb start

This command will start Automerge as a daemon process in the background.