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[Micron logo] v2.4.1

[Build Status]

Standalone helper arrow functions (ES6) in 1 line. Useful for code injection, bookmarklets, debugging, etc.

ael - Listen to several events on an element or a group of elements.
atr - Set several attributes of an element or a group of elements.
cks - Get the current document cookies in object form.
css - Set several styles of an element or a group of elements.
del - Remove an element or a group of elements from the DOM.
dom - Parse string into DOM.
get - Alias for querySelectorAll, but returning an array instead of a nodeList.
mrx - Takes a string and an object and makes a regex map replace.
obj - Creates a clean object with a forEach method.
pad - Add padding zeros to passed number.
rnd - Random string generator (up to 16 characters).
url - Parse an object into a simple string in URL format for XHR.
xhr - Alias for new XMLHttpRequest, with GET method by default.

Is this production ready?

Nope. Obviously. This is just a personal experiment to achieve useful functions in one line with the smallest size. I use this functions to make code injection when I'm messing with the front-end of someone.

To use this on Browsers with ES5

Install Babel or TypeScript, and compile this code. Something like...

npm i -g babel typescript
babel micron.js > micron.es5.js
# or
mv micron.js micron.ts && tsc micron.ts --target es5 --out m1cron.es5.js