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Standalone helper arrow functions (ES6) in 1 line.
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Standalone helper functions in 1 line. Useful for code injection, bookmarklets & debugging.

ael: Listen to several events on an element or a group of elements.
atr: Set several attributes of an element or a group of elements.
cks: Get the current document cookies in object form.
cne: Creates a new element.
cry: Curry the given function.
css: Set several styles of an element or a group of elements.
del: Remove an element or a group of elements from the DOM.
dom: Parse string into DOM.
get: Alias for querySelectorAll in an array.
mrx: Takes a string and an object and makes a regex map replace.
obj: Creates a clean object.
pad: Add padding zeros to passed number.
rnd: Random string generator (up to 10 characters).
tsh: Timestamp string hash generator (up to 8 characters).
url: Parse an object into a simple string in URL format for XHR.
xhr: Alias for new XMLHttpRequest, with GET method by default.

Check the documentation for more details. You can also check the changelog.

If you are looking for a more robust solution, take a look at @vangware/micro.

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