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@vanhauser-thc vanhauser-thc released this Sep 5, 2019 · 45 commits to master since this release

Changelog for 2.54c:

  • big code refactoring:
    • all includes are now in include/
    • all afl sources are now in src/ - see src/README.src
    • afl-fuzz was splitted up in various individual files for including
      functionality in other programs (e.g. forkserver, memory map, etc.)
      for better readability.
    • new code indention everywhere
  • auto-generating man pages for all (main) tools
  • added AFL_FORCE_UI to show the UI even if the terminal is not detected
  • llvm 9 is now supported (still needs testing)
  • Android is now supported (thank to JoeyJiao!) - still need to modify the Makefile though
  • fix building qemu on some Ubuntus (thanks to floyd!)
  • custom mutator by a loaded library is now supported (thanks to kyakdan!)
  • added PR that includes peak_rss_mb and slowest_exec_ms in the fuzzer_stats report
  • more support for *BSD (thanks to devnexen!)
  • fix building on *BSD (thanks to tobias.kortkamp for the patch)
  • fix for a few features to support different map sized than 2^16
  • afl-showmap: new option -r now shows the real values in the buckets (stock
    afl never did), plus shows tuple content summary information now
  • small docu updates
  • NeverZero counters for QEMU
  • NeverZero counters for Unicorn
  • CompareCoverage Unicorn
  • immediates-only instrumentation for CompareCoverage
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