Vanilla Music Player for Android
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Vanilla Music

Vanilla Music player is a GPLv3 licensed MP3/OGG/FLAC/PCM player for Android with the following features:

  • multiple playlist support
  • grouping by artist, album or genre
  • plain filesystem browsing
  • ReplayGain support
  • headset/Bluetooth controls
  • accelerometer/shake control
  • cover art support
  • Simple Scrobbler support

Get it on F-Droid


Vanilla Music also includes support for plugins, this is a list of some existing plugins:


You can donate to Vanilla Musics development via Bitcoin

Bitcoin: 1adrianERDJusC4c8whyT81zAuiENEqub


Come over and join us on our subreddit /r/VanillaMusic to hangout with fellow Vanilla Music users, ask questions, or help others by answering their questions!



You can help translate here. If your language isn't on the list, sign in to transifex and request the language to be added to the list of translations. (Feel free to open a bug if your request was not approved within a few days - i don't look into transifex that often.)

Contributing code

  • A list of open issues can be found at the issue tracker
  • Features we would like to see (but nobody started working on them yet) have the patches-welcome label attached to them. Please let us know if you start working on such an open issue (to avoid duplicate work)
  • We accept raw patches and github pull request - and we use tabs (if your editor understands .editorconfig, it will help you enforce this).


To build you will need:

  • A Java compiler compatible with Java 1.8
  • The Android SDK with platform 26 installed

Building from command-line

Note: at the time of this writing, the current version of Gradle (4.5.1) is not compatible with the current version of JDK (9.0.4). To have the build succeed, use JDK version 1.8.0_162.

  • gradle build to build the APK
  • Optional: gradle installDebug to install the APK to a connected device

Building with Android Studio

You can also build with Android Studio by importing this project into it.

Building from Eclipse

You can also build from Eclipse. Create a new Android Project, choosing "Create project from exisiting source", then set the compiler compliance level to 1.6 in project settings.

Nightly Builds

Automatically created builds are available from


Javadocs can be generated using gradle javadoc or ant doc