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Vanilla Java Maven Command Line Project
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Vanilla Java Maven Command Line Project

This repository shows a basic setup for a command line application in Java build with Maven.

Getting Started

Java 1.8 and Maven are expected to be installed on our system.


After cloning this repository, change into the newly created directory and run

mvn package

This will install all dependencies needed for the project as well as compile all source files into an executable JAR file.

Running the Tests

All tests can be run by executing

mvn test

mvn will automatically find all tests inside the src/test directory and run them.

Testing Approach

The test for class Example is only verifying the return value of one method.

App on the other hand is tested via a test-double that gets injected. This allows us to spy on the output of it. We want to avoid printing anything to the screen while running the tests. Injecting a test double in this instance is a nice way to isolate our application from the command line.

In the actual Main class we then inject System.out, which is Java's standard output stream.

Running the Application

After running mvn package the resulting JAR file is located in directory target. The application can now be run by executing

java -jar target/java-maven-command-line-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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