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Curated list of awesome real-time bidding frameworks, libraries, resources and other related RTB things


License Legends

  • 💰 - Paid,
  • ©️ - Limited Free
  • 🆓 - 100% Free
  • - Open Source

Table of Contents


Set of RTB applications, engines and frameworks

Applications Engines and Frameworks


  • Open-SSP - by ATG. Open Source SSP supporting openRTB
  • RTBkit - configurable DSP application supports openRTB 2.2 and non openRTB exchanges.
  • XRTB - Java 1.8 openRTB bidder application based on RTB4FREE engine.
  • rapid-bidder - C++14 Cross-Platform openRTB bidder model-application based on vanilla-rtb.


  • RTBkit - configurable Bidder engine supports openRTB 2.2 and non openRTB exchanges.
  • RTB4FREE - Java 1.8 bidder engine.
  • vanilla-rtb - C++14 Cross-Platform bidder engine.


  • blockchains for openRTB - integration of real-time bidding framework vanilla-rtb with blockchains
  • openrtb-core by google - Java BidRequest and BidResponse low overhead searlialization classes.
  • openrtb2x - Java starter framework to get BidRequest and BidResonse without targeting or budget.
  • openrtb by BSM - Go-lang BidRequest and BidResponse serialization without targeting or budget logic.
  • RTBkit - C++11 Linux/Unix application framework for DSP and SSP.
  • vanilla-rtb - C++14 Cross-Platform application framework for DSP.
  • vanilla-rtb extensions - Golang code generators for vanilla-rtb matchers and language extensions (Work in progess).




  • LiquidAdX 💰 Delivers a fully customizable programmatic ad server stack system as-a-service. Everything needed to control your own programmatic advertising technology
  • AdSpirit 💰 – AdServer with full OpenRTB Support for Buyside and Sellside. Become your own private DSP, SSP or AdExchange with AdSpirit Technology.


Blogs, portals, magazines and more

Blogs and Portals

  • RTBkit discussion group
  • vanilla-rtb chat
  • openRTB development group
  • openRTB user group
  • Ad Ops Insider - educate bidding ad ops professionals and explain the hows and whys of what happens in the trenches in this ever-changing industry.
  • Digiday - topics of interest to online creators including publishing, advertising and digital platform industries with an expertise
  • Thalamus - is a news aggregator for the media and ad tech industry. This is great if you’re in a job that requires you to stay on top of industry trends
  • SmartyAds blog - blog for different advertising technologies and different ways of content monetization






Online courses, tutorials, screencasts

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