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OXID 4.10 fixed for PHP 7.3 and later 7.4
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OXID 4.10.8 for PHP 7.3

my changes to original code:

  • all demodata removed.
  • setup:
    • FS permission checks improved
    • encoding fixed
    • demodata option rmeoved
    • germany/german are now default region and language options
  • 3rd party payment modules removed
  • azure, flow, mobile theme removed
  • wave theme added
  • converted most german language files to UTF-8

Liste bekannter Module, die mit PHP 7.x funktionieren:

  • Amazon Pay & Login 4 OXID by BESTIT v3.3.0
  • PayPal Plus 2.0.5

Original readme file goes here:

Thank you for using the OXID eShop!

This software is written in PHP + MySQL and runs platform independent on Apache webservers. You can check the system requirements here (dependent from your edition):


  • unzip the downloaded file and upload it to your webserver via FTP
  • create a blank database
  • point your browser to and follow the instructions of the installation script

See more detailled installation instructions in our manual:

In case of any difficulties feel free to visit our community support forums at

Have fun with your OXID eShop!

The OXID team

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