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Official addons for Vanilla Forums
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Addons for Vanilla Forums

The plugins folder is what this repository is all about. It holds open source addons for Vanilla Forums created and maintained by the Vanilla Forums team. They are available for official download in our searchable directory along with community contributions.

Individual plugins should have their own license and README. Please start issues by prefixing the issue title with the addon name.


We use the same Contributors Agreement for this repository as our main Vanilla repo. Requires a account.

Pull requests welcome! For more information, see the Contributing section of the Vanilla repo's README.

Tools & Miscellany

Also appearing in this repo:

  • archive: addons that have been abandoned
  • forum-redirector: tool for redirecting your legacy platform to Vanilla
  • sass: quick tutorial on using Sass with Vanilla
  • standards: our CodeSniffer implementation for following our coding standards.
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