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Commits on May 28, 2015
  1. @tburry
  2. @tburry
  3. @tburry

    Merge pull request #2718 from vanilla/feature/path-info

    tburry authored
    Move from reliance on p parameter to using PATH_INFO
  4. @tburry
  5. @tburry

    Don’t remove default role data from the config.

    tburry authored
    These roles need to stay in the config until the role types have had a
    chance to be fixed via utility/update.
  6. @initvector
  7. @initvector
  8. @linc

    Merge pull request #2766 from bleistivt/patch-15

    linc authored
    Update recent post when moving a discussion
  9. @tburry
  10. @tburry
  11. @tburry
  12. @tburry

    Merge pull request #2727 from vanilla/hotfix/dash-feeds

    tburry authored
    Update Dashboard news feed, add releases feed
  13. @tburry
  14. @tburry
  15. @initvector
  16. @initvector
  17. @linc

    Merge pull request #2762 from vanilla/feature/promoted-content-endpoint

    linc authored
    Promoted Content: Add and configure new promoted content view.
  18. @linc

    Merge pull request #2732 from vanilla/feature/encoding-changes

    linc authored
    Allow the database encoding to be changed in utility/structure.
  19. @initvector
  20. @linc

    Merge pull request #2747 from vanilla/feature/promoted-content-api

    linc authored
    Promoted Content api update
Commits on May 27, 2015
  1. @beckyvb
  2. @beckyvb
  3. @beckyvb
  4. @linc

    Merge pull request #2711 from vanilla/hotfix/editor-image-orientation

    linc authored
    Updating Editor upload handling to use Gdn_UploadImage::SaveImageAs
  5. @linc

    Merge pull request #2731 from vanilla/feature/array_column

    linc authored
    Replace ConsolidateArrayValuesByKey() with array_column().
  6. @linc

    Fix merge fail

    linc authored
  7. @linc
  8. @tburry
  9. @tburry

    Gracefully degrade RoleModel->getDefaultRoles()

    tburry authored
    Don’t kill the page when the type column hasn’t been added to GDN_Role.
  10. @linc
  11. @linc

    Merge pull request #2200 from vanilla/recaptcha-localization

    linc authored
    Add Recaptcha localization & standardize calls to Captcha
  12. @tburry

    Don’t insert the guest into GDN_UserRole

    tburry authored
    The guest roles are determined through the role type column rather
    than GDN_UserRole.
  13. @tburry

    Allow multiple roles on PermissionModel

    tburry authored
    Allow multiple roles to be passed to
    `PermissionModel->GetJunctionPermissions()`. This is used in the case
    that a default permission type is on multiple roles.
  14. @linc

    Merge pull request #2780 from vanilla/hotfix/import-path-improvements

    linc authored
    Improves temporary file handling during import
  15. @initvector

    Merge pull request #2781 from vanilla/hotfix/wtf-spaces

    initvector authored
    Fix gitattributes which got something really wonky in it
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