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Commits on Sep 3, 2015
  1. @linc

    Merge pull request #2965 from vanilla/hotfix/remove-profile-photo

    linc authored
    Tweak profile picture removal
Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @tburry

    Merge pull request #3045 from mtschirs/patch-13

    tburry authored
    Remove calls to viewLocation() from Gdn_Controller
  2. @mtschirs

    Deprecated viewLocation() function in core/functions.general.php.

    mtschirs authored
    Removed calls to viewLocation() from Gdn_Controller::fetchViewLocation()
    and Gdn_Controller::renderMaster().
Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3039 from vanilla/hotfix/just-standards

    initvector authored
    Fix coding standards
  2. @linc

    Merge pull request #3046 from vanilla/hotfix/editor-attachments

    linc authored
    Hotfix/editor attachments
  3. @linc

    Cache break

    linc authored
  4. @beckyvb

    Editor: Remove unnecessary method invocations now that the upload pre…

    beckyvb authored
    …views are in the same place.
    Also ensure we're dealing with the right textarea.
  5. @linc

    Merge pull request #3042 from bleistivt/patch-16

    linc authored
    GooglePrettify: replace livequery calls
  6. @linc

    Merge pull request #3041 from bleistivt/master

    linc authored
    Put PreviewLoaded event after DOM insertion
  7. @linc

    Merge pull request #3035 from valeryan/bug/category-all-undefined-object

    linc authored
    fix call to undefined object in the Category View
  8. @valeryan
  9. @linc

    Merge pull request #3033 from valeryan/bug/discussion-js-fix

    linc authored
    addjsfile fails to find discussion.js on profile page
  10. @beckyvb
  11. @beckyvb
  12. @beckyvb
  13. @bleistivt
  14. @bleistivt

    Put PreviewLoaded event after DOM insertion

    bleistivt authored
    This makes the PreviewLoaded event actually useful because it can be
    used to post-process the preview.
  15. @bleistivt
  16. @linc

    Merge pull request #3040 from vanilla/hotfix/username-output

    linc authored
    Escape Smarty version of username for output
  17. @linc
  18. @linc

    Fix coding standards

    linc authored
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. @valeryan

    fix call to undefined object

    valeryan authored
    Adds an if statment that checks if Category->Depth is set. This will prevent the undefined object notice.
  2. @tburry

    Merge pull request #2987 from vanilla/hotfix/sso-validate-name

    tburry authored
    Fix username validation after manual entry during SSO
  3. @valeryan

    addjsfile fails to find discussion.js on profile page

    valeryan authored
    class.hooks is being called from dashboard and no default application is specified for the call to
    disscussion.js so the application tries to find it in dashboard. adding vanilla as default location fixes
    the issues.
  4. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3032 from vanilla/hotfix/category-join-recent-posts

    initvector authored
    Fix notice in CategoryModel->joinRecentPosts()
  5. @tburry

    Fix notice in CategoryModel->joinRecentPosts()

    tburry authored
    There was a notice when no categories in a forum had a most recent comment.
  6. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3023 from vanilla/hotfix/trim-keys

    initvector authored
    Trim user-entered API keys and config strings
  7. @linc
  8. @tburry

    Merge pull request #3007 from vanilla/hotfix/vanillicon-preview-path

    tburry authored
    Fix font path in vanillicon font preview page.
  9. @tburry

    Merge pull request #2926 from vanilla/feature/plugin-master

    tburry authored
    Allow a plugin to contain a master view
  10. @initvector

    Merge pull request #2928 from vanilla/hotfix/profile-dob

    initvector authored
    Fix profile extender to not choke on DOB field w/ non-standard slug.
  11. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3024 from vanilla/hotfix/cleanup-confirmemail

    initvector authored
    Code cleanup around messages & email checking
  12. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3027 from vanilla/hotfix/mod-redirect

    initvector authored
    Fix comment delete redirect URL
  13. @initvector

    Merge pull request #3022 from vanilla/hotfix/translate-steps

    initvector authored
    Add translatable number steps on Getting Started page
  14. @initvector
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