SQL: Alt table prefix causes Structure to not detect duplicate tables #1025

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linc commented Jul 11, 2011

If you create a plugin that uses an alternate table prefix, it will not detect pre-existing tables with the same name because it will still use the GDN_ prefix in MySQLDriver::FetchTableSql.

 $Database = Gdn::Database();
 $Construct = $Database->Structure();

    ->Column('sample', 'varchar(40)')

Throw that in a plugin Setup() and then enable, disable, and reenable again. The MySQLDriver is using $this->Database->DatabasePrefix to find the table rather than the copy of DatabasePrefix in the MySQLStructure object.

@tburry tburry was assigned Jul 11, 2011
linc commented Jul 11, 2011

Workaround is to double-declare the prefix with

 $Database->DatabasePrefix ='alt_';
@tburry tburry closed this Aug 24, 2013
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