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Not unique id's break things #647

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"Form_Body" is an id for textarea comment form. The problem is, when you click "edit" button and inline edit element appears, it also has id="Form_Body". This makes some plugins go crazy, I am currently writing TinyMCE editor plugin with a lot of integration work, and TinyMCE just loses synchronization with original edit field as soon as new one appears.

I could hack into the code and try to add some hacks to avoid this, but wouldn't avoiding non-unique id's be a better solution? BTW, it also affects ReplyTo plugin, as it uses the same form engine.

Creating inline edit form introduces a lot of non-unique id elements: #Form_Comment, #Form_Transient, #Form_hpt, #Form_DiscussionID, #Form_CommentID, #Form_DraftID, #Form_Body, #Form_SaveComment etc...

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