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wants to merge 46 commits into from

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I was trying to push the merge to 2.0.18


Works perfectly Todd thanks

linc and others added some commits Nov 1, 2011
@linc linc Revert change that broke embed's force redirect: "Added return for em…
…bed's local.js when it isn't in an iFrame."

This reverts commit 4720d55.
@linc linc Embed: Better place to end execution of local.js e3146b3
@linc linc Merge branch '2.0.18' of into 2.0.18 4576e45
@tburry tburry Fixed bug where SSO would not work with non-English translations. 54734ae
@tburry tburry Merge branch '2.0.18' of into 2.0.18 6d6bbb9
@tburry tburry Added code to help with win7 servers that do not allow renaming over …
…an existing file.
@kaecyra kaecyra Fix checkcolumn for jQuery 1.6. dced1b0
@tburry tburry Replace periods with dashes in Gdn_Format::Url(). 5710a2b
@linc linc Importer: vBulletin only needs the Photo field 1f980f2
@linc linc vB import: Support ProfileExtender for seamless transition 1902637
@linc linc Fixes vBulletin import to use new profile custom prefix 81097e6
@linc linc Merge branch '2.0.18' of into 2.0.18 06c885d
@tburry tburry Fixed misformed options array in entry/connect. af1e6b4
@tburry tburry Merge branch '2.0.18' of into 2.0.18 2b129f9
@kaecyra kaecyra Pass the real folder name to autoloader instead of app name 53e7b0f
@tburry tburry Fixed bug where Gravatar was using name instead of email for vanillic…
@linc linc Version ee1b2eb
@linc linc Flagging: Fix XSS vulnerability, closes #1311 016bf7c
@linc linc Version eabbf59
@tburry tburry Fixed canonical url bug when looking at a category. c0f7b7b
@tburry tburry Fixed canonical url in /categories/*. e5232d3
@tburry tburry Partially fix #1330 by checking the format field on models. 8874708
@tburry tburry Version 23f6425
@tburry tburry Added joomla password hashing.

@tburry tburry Fixed security hole where on profile/picture and profile/preferences.
Allow moderators to change users' pictures from the profile page.

@tburry tburry Added Gdn_Model->FilterForm() to help prevent user from posting unaut…
…horized database values.
@tburry tburry Filter activity, discussion, and comment forms.

@tburry tburry Add the proper username parameter to profile/edit. 02a6eb6
@tburry tburry Version e70a54b
@tburry tburry Fixed baaad merge. c3d4d58
@chuck911 chuck911 check preference according to the type
obvious bug! when $type==Popup,still check 'Preferences.Email.*'?
@chuck911 chuck911 closed this Aug 22, 2012
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