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#spiderstar VoIP Interface With spiderstar VoIP Interface, you can turn any server into a multi-functional communications center in moments; the software provides you with an immediately-deployable VoIP server which is fully-customizable via an easy-to-use web-interface. Available functions include fax mode, voicemail and customizable voice menus.

Why use spiderstar VoIP Interface?

  • Complete VoIP telephony system (SIP Protocol) suitable for up to 50 users, free of charge
  • Possibility of connecting to internet telephone services
  • Voice messages forwarded via email or made accessible through a voicemail system
  • Fully-integrated fax server (fax/email gateway) for both incoming and outgoing faxes - inclusive of T.38 support (error-free, internet-based faxing)
  • Menu-driven operation via a web-interface
  • Multilingual: German, English, Spanish and French languages available at present
  • WLAN-optimized: make calls over currently-laid wiring
  • Connect your home office/other location to your main office via almost any DSL connection using a VPN
  • Simple video conferencing
  • Hold telephone conferences in up to five conference rooms simultaneously
  • Define preferred ‘hold’ music with a personally-chosen MP3
  • Easy creation of voice menus (e.g. ‘Choose 1 for general information, 2 for...’)
  • Interface adaptable to every specific requirement