A jQuery-plugin for changing images on hover
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jQuery plugin for changing images on hover

Why bother writing CSS or inline mouseover events for changing images on hovering over them? Now you can do exectly the same thing by implementing just a few rows of Javascript (see SCRIPT below)!

Instructions for use

  1. Download and unzip the package from GitHub: ChangeImgOnHover.
  2. Put the rows of code in the bottom of your html-document or make sure DOM has been fully created before executing the jQuery-code. You can also force the browser to wait until the DOM is ready, by embedding the code: $(document).ready(function() { jQuery-plugin here });.
  3. Create a hover variant for every image that you want to have hover effcet on. Extend the image name with _hover. All images should lay in the same directory.
  4. In the HTML-code, the images must be assigned with the class name of ”hover”.
  5. Good luck and enjoy!


<img src='img/cat1.jpg' class='hover' alt='cat 1' />
<img src='img/cat2.jpg' class='hover' alt='cat 2' />
<img src='img/cat3.jpg' class='hover' alt='cat 3' />


01 (function($) {
02   $.fn.changeImgOnHover = function() {
03     $('.hover').each(function() {
04       var imgName = $(this).attr('src').slice(0,-4);
05       var extName = $(this).attr('src').split('.').pop();
06       var hoverImg = imgName + '_hover.' + extName;
07       var origImg = imgName + '.' + extName;
08       $(this).mouseover(function() {
09         $(this).attr('src', hoverImg);
10       });
11       $(this).mouseout(function() {
12         $(this).attr('src', origImg);
13       });
14     });
15   };
16 }) (jQuery);

The plugin is triggered by a single row of code outside the function: $('.hover').changeImgOnHover();

Working Demo

Visit webpage ChangeImgOnHover for a working demo and more instructions.


2014-06-20 - First relase, version 1.0