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== Rails Bundle 1.0 -> 2.0 SOON
This bundle is (c) 2006 syncPEOPLE, LLC.
As of version 1.0, it is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. - We develop social interaction tools for online and real-world conferences and events.
== Maintained by ==
Dr Nic Williams
== Created by ==
Duane Johnson
== Contributors (no doubt missing many) ==
Sami Samhuri
James Edward Grey II
Michael Sheets
Allan Odgaard
Cliff Matthews
Kent Siblev
Stephen Touset
Lawrence Pit
Dean Strelau
Daniel Kristensen
Simon Jefford
James Deville
Stephen Bannasch
Tom Morris
David Lowenfels
Sam Granieri
Jacob Swanner
Steve Ross
Charles Roper
Ian Alexander Wood (@i0n)
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