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require 'fileutils'
PUBLIC_PATH = File.expand_path(File.join(RAILS_ROOT, "public"))
PLUGIN_PATH = File.expand_path(File.join(RAILS_ROOT,"vendor/plugins/sexy-buttons"))
namespace :sexy_buttons do
desc 'Installs all the files for the buttons'
task :install do
public_icon_path = File.join(PUBLIC_PATH,"images","icons")
public_css_path = File.join(PUBLIC_PATH,"stylesheets")
icons = Dir.glob(File.join(PLUGIN_PATH,"images","famfamfam","*.png"))
css = Dir.glob(File.join(PLUGIN_PATH,"css","*.css"))
Dir.mkdir public_icon_path unless File.exists?(public_icon_path)
FileUtils.cp_r(icons, public_icon_path)
FileUtils.cp_r(css, public_css_path)
puts "All Sexy Button files have been installed!"
puts "------------------------------------------"
puts "just <%= bring_sexy_back %> in the head of"
puts "your document..."
puts "------------------------------------------"
desc 'Lists the current buttons that you can use, outputs it with less viewer'
task :list do
icon_list = File.join(PUBLIC_PATH,"images","icons")
icons = Dir.glob File.join(icon_list, "*.png")! { |i| "#{i.split('/').last.split('.').first}_button" }
icons = icons.join("\n")
less icons
def less(content)
system('echo "' << content << '"|less')