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require 'fileutils'
PUBLIC_PATH = File.join("../../")
IMG_PATH = File.join PUBLIC_PATH, "images"
JS_PATH = File.join PUBLIC_PATH, "javascripts"
CSS_PATH = File.join PUBLIC_PATH, "stylesheets"
namespace :tipsy do
desc 'Install source files and image files to proper locations for a rails project'
task :install do
# assuming that this dir is in public/javascripts/tipsy
js_file = File.join("./src/javascripts/jquery.tipsy.js")
css_file = File.join("./src/stylesheets/tipsy.css")
image_files = Dir.glob(File.join("./src/images","*.gif"))
FileUtils.cp_r js_file, JS_PATH
FileUtils.cp_r css_file, CSS_PATH
FileUtils.cp_r image_files, IMG_PATH
puts "Files installed successfully!"