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we are developing the quiz which fetches the questions from the google sheets and it will store the answers of users in the sheet


  1. Generates quiz directly from the Google shhets.
  2. you can use this login signup functionality to extend your Project.
  3. this is opensource You can also contribute.

see Sheets ->

To use this application you can clone and download this repo.


Step 1️⃣

Click to copy this link: 👇

Step 2️⃣

After copy

Enter your google Creds. It will store in your Drive. Don't worry not spam 😂

contact form to sheets


contact form to sheets

IN Google Sheet

Goto Tools > ScriptEditor.

Screenshot from 2020-03-27 20-31-02

In the Newly opened window

Change as per your requirement. Publish > Deploy As app. Screenshot from 2020-03-27 20-31-55

In Newly opened window

Set settings as shown.

  • Anonymous is required.
  • Run as me required to use on your website.

Copy This retrived URL.

Please, Do same settings.

Screenshot from 2020-04-10 10-34-57

publish the script as a web app.

NOTE: IF it is asking for the authorization goto advance > then continue to unsafe Then copy SCRIPT Url:

😅 Not any harm full code but Google does not allow any code without your confirmation. You can review my code if you feel uncomfortable it's fine.

Now where to put this URL 🤔

The answer is put in in three Folders login , signup , result.

We are try to solving this issue hope it may be solve.

if you have in trouble send 🆘 message to us and Take some 🚿 (Shower) We'll try to help.