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As of Total Slider 1.0.3, there is support for WordPress shortcodes, so that you can use the shortcode to include a Total Slider widget inside the body of a post, page, or any other custom post type.

The [totalslider] Shortcode

Total Slider v1.1 introduces a button in the editor toolbar to add the shortcode very simply.

You can, however, manually use the shortcode syntax:

[totalslider group="group-slug"]

You can determine the group slug by editing the slide group. In the URL of the edit page, you will see group=, followed by the group slug. This slug should be entered in the group attribute of the shortcode.

That should be it! The slide group will be displayed in the post.

Again, this feature will be evolving and improving and will be fully ‘announced’ in user-facing documentation in an upcoming release.

If you have any questions or comments on this feature, leave a comment on the relevant issue here on GitHub.