Assets 2

This release of Perpetuum is thought to be stable for both C and Erlang. The models for the two languages differ sharply, as explained in the README. Erlang/OTP has a rather elaborate model and language culture when it comes to processes, communication and design patterns. This knowledge has been applied in this model.

C on the other hand, leaves many choices to the programmer; we have not tried to force our choices onto the user, which means that s/he must do more work. The C model however, lends itself particularly well for (very) small environments, probably including 8-bit microcontrollers. This is when you start redesigning your washing machine with Petri Nets!

The build environment tooling is a bit rough around the edges, we are aware of that. But at least the innovative generator logic for Erlang is solid and heavily tested, and that has been our first concern with this release. The room to grow will likely come later; for now, our first aim is to use this release and see it in action. We'd love to hear if you are making good use of the software too!