Generate a RESTful API from a directory of ActiveRecord models.


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Generate a RESTful API from a directory of ActiveRecord models.

Short Disclaimer

I am not yet running this in production and the gem is not very extensible at this point. Consider it a proof of concept.

Get Up and Running

  1. Throw this in your Gemfile:

    gem 'hovercraft'
  2. Put your ActiveRecord models in models/ (make sure the file names are the same as the class names).

    Here's an example:

    # models/employee.rb
    class Employee < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :name, :career

    If you need help setting up an entire sinatra app here's a full example:

  3. Create a rackup file that generates the application:

    require 'bundler'

    If you need more setup I'd recommend using an application.rb file and requiring that in the instead.

  4. Run the application like normal:

    bundle exec rackup
  5. Make some requests:

    Create a record:

    curl -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
         -X POST \
         -d '{ "employee": { "name": "Philip J. Fry", "career": "Delivery Boy 1st Class" } }' \

    Show all records:

    curl http://localhost:9292/employees.json

    Show a single record:

    curl http://localhost:9292/employees/1.json

    Update a record:

    curl -H "Content-type: application/json" \
         -X PUT \
         -d '{ "employee": { "name": "Philip J. Fry", "career": "Executive Delivery Boy" } }' \

    Delete a record:

    curl -X DELETE http://localhost:9292/employees/1.json


  1. Include warden in your Gemfile:

    gem 'warden'
  2. Use rack builder to add warden strategies to your rackup file:

    require 'bundler'
    application = do
     use Rack::Session::Cookie, secret: '...'
     Warden::Strategies.add :password do
       def valid?
       def authenticate
     use Warden::Manager do |manager|
       manager.default_strategies :password
       manager.failure_app = ...
     run Hovercraft::Server
    run application

See the warden project for more in-depth examples or help troubleshooting.

Give Back

  1. Fork it:

  2. Create your feature branch:

    git checkout -b fixes_horrible_spelling_errors
  3. Commit your changes:

    git commit -am 'Really? You spelled application as "applickachon"?'
  4. Push the branch:

    git push origin fixes_horrible_spelling_errors
  5. Create a pull request: