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Availible on Firefox Add-Ons Availible on chrome web store

Pin for GitHub

"Pin for GitHub" allows you to "pin" GitHub repositories to your pin-board. This allows you to save cool repositories without having to publicly star them. Pins use Chrome and Firefox's sync storage to synchronize pins between all your devices.



"Pin for GitHub" is availible through the Firefox Add-On Platform and chrome web store. You can also install this extension on Firefox by downloading the source from GitHub and loading the unpacked extension through "about:debugging" as a "Temporary Add-On".


Pin button in repositories "Pin for GitHub" will add a new "Pin" button to every repository

Your Pins To view your pinned repositories, simply click the new "Your Pins" link in the dropdown menu or go to

Pins page


Please fork this repository and create a new pull request to contribute to it.

If you notice any errors, please create a new issue on GitHub.


This extension uses the Font Awesome map-pin icon, licensed under the Creative Commons license, viewable at


Licensed under the MIT License