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Skip Silence

"Skip Silence" is a browser extension that allows you to automatically skip parts of a video that are silent. It is highly inspired by CaryKH's automatic on-the-fly video editing tool. The extension works with most websites that use HTML5 audio and video elements (like YouTube).


(Video used: Unedited part of


"Skip Silence" is available through the chrome web store. You can also install this extension on Chrome by downloading the source from GitHub and loading the unpacked, built extension through "chrome://extensions" as a "Temporary Add-On".


"Skip Silence" will only work on Firefox Beta 91+ due to a bug that has been fixed in that version.


When "Skip Silence" detects a compatible element on the current page, its icon in the menubar will be colored.

Changing icon

You can now click on this icon to reveal the settings popup.

You can now:

  • Click the toggle button to enable and disable "Skip Silence" for the current page
  • Change "Skip Silence"'s settings
  • View the current volume using the VU meter
    • The VU Meter will be blue when on normal speed and green when currently in a silent part
    • The red line represents your current volume threshold


  • Won't work on sites that use other methods to play video or audio (e.g. Spotify Web Player uses a special method to prevent songs from being downloaded)

How does it work?

The extension attaches a JavaScript audio analyser to the current video or audio source and will speed up or slow down the video using the current volume of the audio.


This extension is based on lxieyang's React Extension boilerplate.

To start development, follow these steps:

  1. Check if your Node.js version is >= 10.13.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Change the package's name, description, and repository fields in package.json.
  4. Change the name of your extension on src/manifest.json.
  5. Run npm install to install the dependencies.
  6. Run npm start
  7. Load your extension on Chrome following:
    1. Access chrome://extensions/
    2. Check Developer mode
    3. Click on Load unpacked extension
    4. Select the build folder.
  8. Happy hacking.

Docker build

Skip Silence offers a docker container to enable building. First, make sure the Docker Engine is running and run docker-compose up --build in the root directory. After the build is done, the raw contents will be placed in /build and the compacted zip will be placed in /build/

Build without Docker


  • NodeJS 14
  • npm
  • Python

Run these commands in the root of the extension files:

npm install
npm run build

cd build
zip -r .

After the build is done, the raw contents will be placed in /build and the compacted zip will be placed in /build/


Please fork this repository and create a new pull request to contribute to it.

If you notice any errors, please create a new issue on GitHub.


Licensed under the MIT License