Templates and script for monitoring a beanstalkd server with cacti
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Following-up on my post about monitoring beanstalkd with Cacti, here are the templates and script we're using at Silentale.

The code and templates are heavily inspired from Dustin's beanstalk-tools and Baron Schwartz's MySQL cacti templates

Enjoy !

install the statistics collection script

ruby related requirements

  • the script should work with ruby 1.8.X but hasn't been tested with 1.9
  • You need to install the following gems:
    • trollop
    • dustin-beanstalk-client
  • the xml templates are expecting to find the script in <cacti_path>/scripts/beanstalk_get_queue_stats

Import the Cacti xml templates

  • import the data template named cacti_data_template_beanstalk_queue_statistics.xml
  • graph template for monitoring the amount of buried jobs in the queue: cacti_graph_template_beanstalk_buried_jobs.xml
  • graph template for monitoring the total amount of jobs in the queue: cacti_graph_template_beanstalk_total_jobs.xml
  • graph template for monitoring : ready,urgent,delayed and the number of workers in the same graph: cacti_graph_template_beanstalkd_queue_statistics_gt.xml

note at import time, our Cacti installation here insists on replacing braces with &lt; and &gt;, which prevents it from finding the script. Make sure the path is properly specified in the templates before creating data input methods and graphs, because changing them aftewards is quite tedious ...