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A private, API-based chat server.


  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Any database rails supports (we recommend MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite)



First, you need to get the project downloaded.

You can do that through git from the terminal:

git clone git://

Or you can download and extract from from

Then you need to change directories to the root of the project:

cd /path/to/flak

Then you need to setup flak:

rake flak:setup

# You may need to upgrade rubygems and rails. That last command will let
# you know, but just in case here are the commands:
#   gem update -y --system
#   gem update rails

You can then change /path/to/flak/config/config.yml and /path/to/flak/config/database.yml to taste.

Create the project's databases; one for development and one for testing:

rake db:create:all

Create all the tables necessary to run the project:

rake db:migrate

Start the server so you can develop locally:


You can then access the application at: http://localhost:3000

Press Ctrl-C to kill the server.


  • Go to http://localhost:3000 in a web browser for an API reference
  • Test with lib/flak_wrapper.rb, which mostly works (requires httparty, which you can install using: gem install httparty)
  • Try it out with curl
  • Write your own interface