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Introduction to DeepCell

This material is intended to help users become acclimated with the DeepCell ecosystem. DeepCell addresses three key needs for deep learning and biological images:

  1. How can I use deep learning easily on my data?
  2. How can I interact with these predictions?
  3. How can I improve these model predictions?

This tutorial will provide a gentle introduction to all three areas. Additionally, we have included a "Getting Started" section for users that may be unfamiliar with the basic tools covered in this material.

Table of Contents

Getting started

  • Required software installations
  • Intro to Unix, Docker, and Git
  • Python best practices
  • Basic Python, Numpy, and Scipy exercises
  • Intro to Python image processing for live-cell imaging
  • Intro to deep learning with tensorflow

Analyzing my images with pre-trained models

  • Summary of available models
  • Running pre-trained models in the cloud
  • Running pre-trained models locally

Labeling my data with DeepCell Label

  • Load files
  • Use DeepCell Label

Building new and improved models with deepcell-tf

  • Introduction to deepcell-tf
  • Training a model in Google Colab


To learn more about the various systems and software that comprise DeepCell, please refer to the publications below. Relevant links are highlighted below each publication.

Greenwald, Miller et al. Whole-cell segmentation of tissue images with human-level performance using large-scale data annotation and deep learning

Bannon et al. DeepCell Kiosk: scaling deep learning–enabled cellular image analysis with Kubernetes


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