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Interface : Pi <-> ESP8266

Supported boards:

  • Raspberry Pi (all models)
  • Orange Pi Zero
  • Nano Pi NEO

Wifi functions :

. Start the ESP8266 in AP mode. This function must be called first.

wifi_init(const char *password)

. Change the ESP8266 to Station Mode with DHCP.

void wifi_station(const char *ssid, const char *password)

. Change the ESP8266 to Station Mode with an fixed IP-address.

void wifi_station_ip(const char *ssid, const char *password, const struct ip_info *info)

UDP functions :

. Start UDP.

udp_begin(const uint16_t port)

. Receive UDP message

uint16_t udp_recvfrom(const uint8_t *buffer, const uint16_t length, uint32_t *ip_address, uint16_t *port)

. Send UDP message

void udp_sendto(const uint8_t *buffer, const uint16_t length, const uint32_t ip_address, const uint16_t port)

FOTA functions :

. Start F-OTA update

void esp8266_fota_start(const uint32_t server_ip_address)

. Get F-OTA status message

void esp8266_fota_status(char *status, uint16_t *len)

Miscellaneous functions :

. Get the build date stamp of the firmware s const char *wifi_get_firmware_version(void)

ESP8266 SDK functions :

  • const char *system_get_sdk_version(void)
  • bool wifi_get_macaddr(const uint8_t *)
  • bool wifi_get_ip_info(const struct ip_info *)
  • const char *wifi_station_get_hostname(void)
  • _wifi_mode wifi_get_opmode(void)
  • const _wifi_station_status wifi_station_get_connect_status(void)
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