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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Apr 25, 2015 · 4 commits to master since this release

What is new

  • Updated to work with Krita 2.9 releases: the new versions does not rely on calligraconverter.
  • Did a mayor rework on the thumbnail code to avoid saving a lot of images on disk using RAM instead.
  • Add step modifiers to size spinboxes
# using mouse wheel or pressing the little arrows.
    Normal 10x
    Hold shift 1x 
    Hold Shift+Ctrl 100x
  • Fixed parsing of settings file
  • Fixed imagemagick identify call, we now use -ping for superfast response
  • Artscript now gets more information from the image, for future better Colorspace work.
  • Massive rework on the file identification process. Now its more accurate even if no extension is provided.
  • It is not possible to set the headers to be shown on the file list view using the new key: columns_only_show
columns_only_show=id ext output osize
## possible values are
    id = unique number identifier
    ext = file extension
    name = file original name
    size = image size width x height
    output = file output name, as artscript will be naming them
    osize = output size or sizes
    color = original image colorspace (sRGB mostly)
    path = complete image location path

  • FIX: With certain aspect ratios, resize OnlyShrink and OnlyGrow dit not work properly.
  • FIX. notification must not hide automatically
  • GUI: fixes, geometry, paddings, etc
  • Fix handling of "multi-layered GIFS"
  • Fix: spaces made Artscript fail in some cases
  • FIx: SVG can render if size is bigger than 100%, in Artscript 1 this worked.
  • FIX: allow negative values on watermark Offset
  • Added a new tab to control sharpness #77
  • Added a field to select an output folder (Testing)
  • Several code optimization and typo fixes.
  • [i8n] Various i8n fixes and new strings added.
  • [i8n] FR: Thanks to David Revoy we now have french translation
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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Dec 19, 2013 · 73 commits to master since this release

With v2.1 finally all functionality of the original artscript is ported. And during the process of translating all into the new code I added a new productivity options.

2 1_window


From all the ported options this one got a lot more features than before such as:

  • Now its possible to set the value of border and padding
  • Tile size its easier to set as it can conform to an aspect ratio
  • Collage modes for different tile look. The mode include:
    • concatenation: Does not resize, only adds one image after another
    • Zero geometry: Try it setting only width or height tile values
    • Crop: Zoom the image to fill the tile area.
    • Wrap: Intead of composing many images in one, it repeats one images to fill the column and rows
  • It's possible to set a collage output name.


Resize Gui in 2.0 made it difficult to manage more than a few sizes and between runs it was cumbersome to set custom sizes. The new approach not only makes it easier to manage sizes, but a lot easier to manage a bunch of sizes. Of course if you only need a few, it doesn't get in your way to get them set fastly. This are some of the new additions in resize:

  • Resize GUI modified since v2.0, this time it accepts collection lists and an easier to use size set widgets.
  • Collection lists makes easier to manage multiple sizes output
  • Resize modes: Shrink Only, Grow Only, Scale, Stretch and Zoom


This tab received most of the work off stage in the code. A lot of functions were removed and the code simplified to make it easier to maintain. With all that some additions were made:

  • Now its possible to fine tune the exact place the image and label are going to have, using rotation and offset values.


All settings have been rename to make them easier to understand. This is important to notice as it's now necessary to edit your presets.config file to match the new names. Also settings more than one preset will make the presets selection box appear, so you can change settings on the fly.

If the turn the remember state option to true, artscript will remember all the options selected from the last session. Making it a lot faster to deploy during a long standing project.

Other changes.

  • Drag and drop supported
  • Faster loading for SVG, AI, XCF and PSD data
  • Responsive GUI, no more hangs while it converts.
  • Gui optimizations.
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated all desktop files, and thanks to our contributors we have new desktop files for Nemo and Nautilus
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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Dec 11, 2013 · 87 commits to master since this release

With over a 100 commits since last version there has been a lot of improvements

  1. All functions from original v1 script are now ported
  2. All Image size metadata is obtained quickly, no more waiting for XCF or PSD to be processed
  3. Collage tab with 4 modes. Zero geometry, Concatenate, Wrap, Crop
  4. New resize GUI to manage large multiresize operations
  5. Save state: Artscript remembers the settings as they were last time it was launch
  6. Presets defined in presets.config can now be loaded on demand using the GUI
  7. Drag and Drop files to window to load images
  8. Dropped dependency on md5 binary
  9. Watermarks can be rotated and placed anywhere.

Amongst many other new features they were also a lot of bug fixes.

This pre-release is mainly for last minute bug hunting. while I documentation is prepared.

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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Oct 23, 2013 · 203 commits to master since this release

What's new

When I developed Version 1, I had no knowledge about tk/tcl and it was my first GUI. And as such I had a lot of spontaneous ideas that I wanted to try and that eventually were developed into a feature. But this made the script ugly and hard to use.

Artscript v2 has a much improved GUI, I migrated all Tk widget to the much easier to style TTK ones. this has the advantage that controlling the look and feel of the script is much more easier. Before doing anything of course I made a lot of UI sketching and GUI test. I even made some QTBuilder mockups

net_2013-10-22_v2 0

The major difference is the horizontal set up, as it better accommodates to modern monitors.

GUI improvements include:

  • Gui shows as fast as possible.
  • File pane shows all the files you loaded to convert, it allows to add files and erase files
  • Files show its name and it's size and also the output name and size you are going to get.
  • The thumbnail pane, loads a thumbnail for all image formats supported. (XFC is off for the moment)
  • Watermark options include support for image and text.
  • Color options for watermark as no longer blended with other color options
  • Different operations are divided by tabs
  • Resize operation was designed for multiple sizes from the beginning
  • Better error handling and improved string validation
  • Preffix and Suffix are now two independent values.
  • Ctrl + click, or right click to edit dropdown values.

Listbox behaviour: Ctrl + click to edit (or right click)

Convert improvements

  • Resize is done in RGB linear space, as recommended by Imagemagick wiki, as the inner workings work best in this way
  • Watermarks are first processed as images to allow finer position control, effects and blending mode.
  • Text Watermark uses a backdrop color by default. It is black if the color is luminous and white if the colour selected is dark.
  • Output options change depending on format.

Other features

  • Output to WEBM and ORA
  • Multiple resize.
  • Allow overwrite option for output images
  • Preview button
  • Code start to adhere to tcl style guides

What's left

The first thing is to finish the migration of the v1 feature lists. Collage and Rename feature sets. After that is done here are couple of ideas to develop:

  • Resize operators (crop, zoom, fit, only grow, only shrink)
  • Watermark position and orientation
  • Fix XCF and PSD thumbnail
  • Animation pane
  • Finer control for output options
  • SVG convert enhancements
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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Oct 15, 2013 · 223 commits to master since this release

Artscript 2.0pre


While close I'm not there yet. There are still a few bugs to hunt and a lot of features missing. But I've been using version 2 all this time and it is another beast. I'm still making the list of new features, and missing features but some of the mayor changes include:

  • New GUI: Faster, easier to understand and overall more responsive.
  • Watermark image: With independent control from text and image watermarks
  • List panel: This is Gui related, but a feature of it's own. The list can be edited, adding files and deleting. Output size and output name change depending on the values selected for prefix, suffix and sizes.
  • Prefix and Suffix are now two independent options.

Most importantly, I decided to change the goal of the project, as there are many batch processors out there that make an awesome job. Artscript is oriented to professional digital artists/painters, and all functions and gui options are designed to give you the best results possible (resize wise) with the least amount of time (ease of use wise).

There is still a lot to do to full fill that goal, but I'm working on that.

Artscript 1.8.4

I decided, because of the missing features, to leave the original artscript stay alongside version 2.0, but even as it is I made some changes to it.

  • Resize now uses correct Colorspace for downsampling and uses a soft sharpness to retain details
  • BUGFIX: if total files was more than layout, col x row, an error ocurred. For example, having 5 files selected and setting a layout of 2x2, would cause an error. This happened because imagemagick by default has a range mode available. but naming convention is quite different. The new fix, forces artscript internal range mode in such cases
  • Other code minor bug fixes.


I have not set a road map, I found bugs as I go and add enhancements as I see fit. But I try to make a code change everyday. If all goes well I could make the release of 2.0 probably in the following week.

Have fun testing it and send me ideas or bug reports, I'll be happy to add them to the list of "TODOs"

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@vanyossi vanyossi released this Oct 11, 2013 · 319 commits to master since this release

After a few months in the cold I bring you v1.8.1 with some new functionality


In the list of images is now possible to select more than one size, so in one go you can create multiple sizes of all the files selected for processing

Image watermark

This version adds a rudimentary way of working with image watermarks. I call it rudimentary as you need set the image path and image position in the presets.config file. The new options are

  • wmimsrc "" ; Here you add the image URI, absolute paths are prefered
  • wmimpos "Center" ; The place to put the image (accepts North, NorthEast, etc...)
  • wmimsize "90%" ; This one is ignored at the moment
  • wmimcomp "Over" ; Image blending mode, available options can be found using ~$: identify -list compose : in the terminal

This is by far perfect or practical, but can be used if you need image watermarking capabilities.

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