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Tensorflow Source code for "Recurrently Controlled Recurrent Networks" (NIPS 2018)
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NIPS 2018

We propose a new Recurrently controlled recurrent networks (RCRN) that shows some improvement over stacked BiLSTMs and BiLSTM across a number of NLP tasks.

This repository contains the Tensorflow model file for RCRN, according with the custom cuda optimized kernel. I will upload running scripts / example usage when I have time (already have tons of backlog ): ) .


Python 2.7 Tensorflow 1.7


Our CUDA op was adapted from:

Cudnn RNN was adapted from:


If you find our repository useful, please cite our paper!

  author    = {Yi Tay and
               Luu Anh Tuan and
               Siu Cheung Hui},
  title     = {Recurrently Controlled Recurrent Networks},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of NIPS 2018},
  year      = {2018}
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