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This is our Tensor2Tensor implementation of Quaternion Transformers. This paper will be presented in the upcoming ACL 2019 in Florence.


  1. Tensorflow 1.12.0
  2. Tensor2Tensor 1.12.0
  3. Python 2.7


  1. The usage of this repository follows the original Tensor2Tensor repository (e.g., t2t-datagen, t2t-trainer followed by t2t-decoder). It helps to gain familiarity on T2T before attempting to run our code.
  2. Setting --t2t_usr_dir=./QuaternionTransformers will allow T2T to register Quaternion Transformers. To verify, using t2t-trainer --registry_help to verify that you are able to load Quaternion transformers.
  3. You should be able to load MODEL=quaternion_transformer and use base or big setting as per normal.
  4. Be sure to set --hparams="self_attention_type="quaternion_dot_product"" to activate Quaternion Attention.
  5. By default, Quaternion FFNs are activated for positional FFN layers. To revert and not use Quaternion FFNs on the position-wise FFN, set --hparams="ffn_layer="raw_dense_relu_dense".


If you find our work useful, please consider citing our paper:

  title={Lightweight and Efficient Neural Natural Language Processing with Quaternion Networks},
  author={Tay, Yi and Zhang, Aston and Tuan, Luu Anh and Rao, Jinfeng and Zhang, Shuai and Wang, Shuohang and Fu, Jie and Hui, Siu Cheung},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.04393},
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