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MozRepl is a Firefox extension which allows Vapir to connect to Firefox. It is destined to replace JSSH in this capacity. Vapir prefers a custom build of MozRepl due to a few issues with the currently available official build. It should work fine with the official MozRepl, but you may see issues with closing windows or UTF8 characters. The custom build is available here:

(If this wiki is out of date, there may be a newer build at

To set Vapir to use MozRepl instead of JSSH, set the config key firefox_extension to "mozrepl".

MozRepl is a pure JavaScript extension, so it does not need to be built for each combination of OS + Firefox version, as JSSH did. The bigger advantage over JSSH, though, is that MozRepl is actively maintained, whereas JSSH is dead and will not work with any version of Firefox since 4.

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