Coming from Watir

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If you’re starting on a new script, have a look at Getting Started.

If you’re coming from Watir, you probably have a script or two already. Hopefully everything is compatible that you’re using; you can see what you might get errors on at Differences from Watir (API).

If you have an existing script or scripts, you’ll need to change at least one thing to get things working with Vapir. Hopefully you will only need to make one change total.

To get your script running on Vapir, change
require "watir"
require "firewatir"
(or both) to:
require "watir-vapir"

This sets the Watir and FireWatir constants to both use Vapir instead. Don’t require both watir and watir-vapir – this is likely to break things thoroughly.

This is intended to help transition scripts that want to use Vapir but are written to use Watir.