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1.8.6: Fully supported and tested.
1.8.7: Fully supported and tested.
1.9.1: No longer supported, but mostly works. All the caveats of 1.9.2 below, plus:

  • On firefox, when the application exits and the socket closes, ruby hangs.

1.9.2: Fully supported and tested apart from these issues:

  • In IE, accessing an html document from inside a modal dialog will not yet work.
  • In Firefox, everything works, but performance is abysmal on windows – almost an order of magnitude slower than in 1.8.*. This seems to be an issue of sockets which I haven’t been able to work around.

jruby, rubinius: These seem to work, though not thoroughly tested. I’ll fix bugs for them.


3.5, 3.6: Fully supported and tested with both MozRepl and JSSH.
4, 5, 6, 7: Nearly full support, a few minor test failures which probably don’t matter. Only MozRepl, no JSSH support.
pre- 3.5: Broken, unsupported, won’t be supported.

Internet Explorer

9: Supported, and things seem to be working, but there may be weirdness with Windows’ UAC and handling popups, modals, file fields. Let me know if you figure out what settings make things behave.
8: Supported, but I don’t have an IE8 install to test against at the moment.
7: Fully supported and tested.
6: Not really tested. I think everything works, and will fix bugs, despite my personal disinclination to.
pre-6: Untested, unsupported.

Operating systems


XP: Fully tested and supported. I do most of my testing on XP.
7: Fully supported but not as well-tested. There may be weirdness with Windows’ UAC and IE’s protected mode.
Vista: Untested, but if it works in both 7 and XP, presumably everything works here. Supported.
2000: Untested, I might fix bugs.
Any non-NT kernel: Unsupported. Untested.


10.5, 10.6: Supported and tested.
Any other version: Those are the versions I have at the moment. I will try to support any bugs encountered on other versions.

Linux and other Unixy sorts

Tested a bit on Ubuntu, all seems well. I will support any bugs that aren’t due to some obscure operating system issue.