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Cache IRC server channel lists
Emacs Lisp
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Cache IRC server channel lists for faster loading.

Bitcoin donations gratefully accepted: 1ArFina3Mi8UDghjarGqATeBgXRDWrsmzo


To make sure you have the most up-to-date version of this library it is best to install using the emacs package system, with the appropriate repository added (e.g

To install without using a package manager:

  • Put the library in a directory in the emacs load path, like ~/.emacs.d/
  • Add (require ‘erc-list-cache) in your ~/.emacs file

Commands & keybindings

Below is a complete list of commands:

  • erc-switch-to-channels-list : Switch to the channels list buffer for the current IRC server.
    Keybinding: M-x erc-switch-to-channels-list

Customizable Options

Below is a list of customizable options:

  • erc-list-cache-dir : Directory containing cached channel lists.
    default value: (concat erc-user-emacs-directory "erc_channel_lists")
  • erc-list-cache-max-age : Maximum number of days before prompting for update of cached channel list.
    default value: 30
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