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This files provides a couple of functions `apply-interactive’ and `ido-choose-function’ which you might find useful in your code.

  • `apply-interactive’ can be used to partially apply arguments to functions, like `apply-partially’, except that the curried arguments are obtained interactively using the `interactive’ form of the function.
  • `ido-choose-function’ can be used to prompt the user for a function (e.g. for filtering items), and some of it’s arguments.


Put ido-choose-function.el in a directory in your load-path, e.g. ~/.emacs.d/ You can add a directory to your load-path with the following line in ~/.emacs (add-to-list ‘load-path (expand-file-name “~/elisp”)) where ~/elisp is the directory you want to add (you don’t need to do this for ~/.emacs.d - it’s added by default).

Add the following to your ~/.emacs startup file.

(require ‘ido-choose-function)