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Welcome, from the /wg/ sticky. Or just startpages.github.io.

To add your own function to the terminal, put it in bin.js. Specifically, put its name in terminalFunctions, and then make your definition follow the form of the rest of the functions.

To define your own bookmarks, edit .bookmarks. A sample file would look like:

google https://www.google.com/
el_feis https://www.facebook.com/

You can also define your own high-level color scheme in .config, as well as edit your userName and userMachine. Run terminal in your browser's dev console to see the properties you can override.

If you want to be a real nerd, put some ASCII art in .art and it will be displayed with screenfetch instead of the default.

weather probably won't work unless you:

  • have an OpenWeatherMap API key (they're free and easy to get)
  • have location services enabled
  • are running the page locally, because OpenWeatherMap uses http while GitHub uses https, and the two go together like things that don't go well together