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Very simple Swift wrapper of GitHub's fork of cmark. Uses a fork of cmark which has been adapted for building with SwiftPM.


markdown -> HTML

let markdown = "# Hello"
let html = try markdownToHTML(markdown)
print(html) // This will return "<h1>Hello</h1>\n"


You can pass different options to the underlying cmark library. By default safe is passed, but this can be explicitly done with:

let html = try markdownToHTML(markdown, options: [.safe])

The available options are:

  • sourcePosition
  • hardBreaks
  • safe
  • noBreaks
  • normalize
  • validateUTF8
  • smartQuotes

For more information on the available options, see cmark.


Swift Package Manager

.package(url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "0.4.0"))