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Vapor SlackBot

You'll probably want to start w/ the slack documentation:

You can come say hello to this bot running on heroku in our slack as myrtle:

🦄 Deploy


⚠️ Note

Heroku won't automatically scale dynos for your bot. After the build is complete, you'll need to start the process.

start heroku bot process

🚦 Environment

Xcode Swift Version

Setup Xcode by running swift package generate-xcodeproj

🔑 Bot Token

Once you have setup your bot-token, create a folder named Config and place a file bot-config.json in it. The green check marks are because I sync w/ Dropbox, they can be ignored.

Alt text

Your bot-config.json file should look like this (replace your token)

  "token": "<#your token here#>"

🏃 Run

Once the environment is configured, as above, your bot should run in Xcode. Direct message your bot in slack w/ a hello prefix and there will be a hello response.

🛠 Manually Deploy

If you'd prefer to build to Heroku manually

Config Token

Add your secret token (or through Heroku WebSite):

heroku config:set BOT_TOKEN=<#your-token-here#>

Set Buildpack

heroku buildpacks:set


Already included in project, should be worker type.

Push To Heroku

Commit uncommmitted changes if necessary, then push to Heroku

git push heroku master

Scale Up Dyno

Scale up a worker with:

heroku ps:scale worker=1


Created by Logan Wright