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Creating modular server side software with Swift.


  1. vapor Public

    💧 A server-side Swift HTTP web framework.

    Swift 21.7k 1.3k

  2. docs Public

    📖 Documentation markdown for all Vapor packages.

    Swift 274 288

  3. fluent Public

    Vapor ORM (queries, models, and relations) for NoSQL and SQL databases

    Swift 1.1k 163

  4. leaf Public

    🍃 An expressive, performant, and extensible templating language built for Swift.

    Swift 352 69

  5. jwt-kit Public

    🔑 JSON Web Token signing and verification (HMAC, RSA, ECDSA) using BoringSSL.

    C 66 23

  6. template Public

    Used by Vapor Toolbox’s new project command

    Swift 42 37