Intuitive Annotation Tool for Information / Named Entity Recognition using localturk / Amazon Mechanical Turk
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IE-Turk: Annotation tool for Information Extraction with localturk / Amazon Mechanical Turk


Annotate using Mechanical Turk

  • Create an new project in Amazon Mturk interface.
  • Paste the content of annotate.html in the second tab Design layout.
  • Insert the scripts config.js, annotate.js and the CSS file style.css into the document as well
  • Prepare a tokenized version of the entry, splitting characters with >>.
  • Submit batch

Annotate locally

Requires localturk. Install using

npm install -g localturk

Modify config.js with the name of the fields of interest. Then simply run it using the same tokenized csv file as for Mechanical Turk.

localturk annotation.html input.csv output.csv



Simply open visualize.html with any modern browser. Then choose the .csv that came from either localturk or Mechanical Turk.


This file is also served at Visualization Demo. You can try uploading this CSV file.