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Auction CorDapp

This CorDapp is an example of how Auctions can be performed in a decentralized manner. Auction can be Open to all or Private (accessible only to selected few parties).

More about this usecase here

Instructions for setting up

  1. git clone
  2. cd cordapp-auction
  3. ./gradlew deployNodes - building may take upto a minute (it's much quicker if you already have the Corda binaries).
  4. ./kotlin-source/build/nodes/runnodes

At this point you will have a notary node running as well as three other nodes and their corresponding webservers. There should be 7 console windows in total. One for the notary and two for each of the three nodes. The nodes take about 20-30 seconds to finish booting up.

Using the CorDapp via the UI:

  1. PartyA: localhost:10009/web/example/
  2. PartyB: localhost:10012/web/example/
  3. PartyC: localhost:10015/web/example/

Using the CorDapp via the console:

  1. Start the Auction In PartyA Console type:
start StartAuction itemName: "test", ItemDescription: "test", startPrice: 99, ExpiryDate: "2018-11-16T08:25:25.510045Z", AuctionParticipants: "O=PartyB,L=New York,C=US"
  1. Get Linear Id of Auction In any Console (Party A,B or C) type:
run vaultQuery contractStateType: com.example.state.Auction

Above will output a auction LinearId

  1. Make A Bid In PartyB or PartyC Console type:
start MakeBid amount: 120, AuctionReference: "<LinearId>"
  1. End A Auction In PartyAConsole type:
start EndAuction AuctionReference: "<LinearId>"

Using the CorDapp via the HTTP API's:

  1. Create Auction:
curl -X PUT 'http://localhost:10009/api/auction/create-auction?itemName=test&ItemDescription=test&startPrice=99&ExpiryDate=2018-11-16T08:25:25.510045Z&AuctionParticipants=O=PartyB,L=New%20York,C=US'
  1. List Auctions:
curl -X GET 'http://localhost:10009/api/auction/auctions'
  1. Make Bid:
curl -X PUT 'http://localhost:10012/api/auction/make-bid?amount=120&AuctionReference=<LINEAR_ID>'
  1. End Auction:
curl -X PUT 'http://localhost:10009/api/auction/end-auction?AuctionReference=<LINEAR_ID>'


Unit Tests

Please Feel free to submit PR's with any Upgrade/Modification.


Using Corda to perform Public or Private auctions in a decentralized manner





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