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peer-cdn allows you to hook middleware for fetch event. Middleware can be object, class or anything that expose get property which is a function. It can also expose put property also as a function.

How does it work ?

Middleware will be called with a given Strategy up until one of them returns response different then null, allowing service worker to return a response to a browser.

Example middleware:

function (request)
   get: () => {
      // get response from cache etc

      // If this method returns response or anything
      // different then null next middleware will not be called
      // and response will be returned . by service worker
      return null;
   put: response => {
      // cache response or something else with it

Register middleware

To add middleware simply pass them when registering asset's route for peer-cdn to take care of.

const middleware = []; // array of your middleware
PeerCDN.GET("/", STRATEGIES.ordered, ...middleware);

You can use spread operator or pass each middleware as arguments following strategy.

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