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PeerData is a library for bidirectional peer-to-peer transfers of arbitrary data using RTCDataChannel. Simple WebRTC wrapper providing data channel abstraction.

WebRTC needs a messaging service to set up and maintain a WebRTC call.

The sender and receiver RTCPeerConnections run in web pages on different devices, and we need a way for them to communicate metadata. For this, we use a signaling server: a server that can pass messages between WebRTC clients (peers).

PeerDataServer - An ready to use example of signaling server on Node using socket.io.


$ npm install peer-data

WebRTC Chat server-less example application.

  1. Shared versus Many RCTPeerConnection

PeerData runs multiple RCTPeerConnection - one per user. Why? Main reason because it is easier to manage participants. With multiple RTCPeerConnection we’ve got a lot more flexibility, since the sessions are independent – each encapsulated in its own RTCPeerConnection.

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