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Project Description

This code is released to complement the following publication

Chuklin, A. and de Rijke, M. 2016. Incorporating Clicks, Attention and Satisfaction into a Search Engine Result Page Evaluation Model. CIKM (2016).

This is not an official Google product.

It has several components described below:

  • logs_collection/ — JavaScript library to proxy your request to a search engine and log your actions;
  • logs_management/ — AppEngine application to save the search log and provide the user with a way to redact their logs;
  • logs_processing/ — collection of Python scripts to process the logs exported from the logs management app and the crowdsourcing platform;
  • rating_collection/– templates to collect ratings from CrowdFlower. If you work with another crowdsourcing platform, you'll have to adapt the templates. We had to work with CrowdFlower, because it's, to the best of our knowledge, the only crowdsourcing platform available outside the US. We wish there were a better choice.
  • data_analysis/ – collection of Jupyter / iPython notebooks to slice and dice the data.


Logs Colection via Proxy

See logs_collection/

App Engine log_management App

  • Python libraries:
pip install -t logs_management/lib Flask GoogleAppEngineCloudStorageClient Werkzeug
  • Bootstarp Datepicker, tested with version retrieved on 09.11.2014:
    • CSS file to be put in logs_management/static/css/datepicker.css
    • JS file to be put in logs_management/static/js/bootstra-datepicker.js
  • Bootstarp DatePaginator, tested with v1.1.0:
    • JS file to be put in logs_management/static/js/bootstra-datepaginator.js
  • Moment JS, the version required by the Bootstrap DatePaginator
    • JS file to be put in logs_management/static/js/moment.js
  • (Optional) Ajax loader gif generated via
    • Go to website, select indicator type "Bar", press "Generate it" download it.
    • Put it under logs_management/static/img/ajax-loader.gif
    • You can use other image (or none at all) if you wish.

Logs Processing / Data Analysis

Quick Start

If you want to just play with the data do the following:

  • install the requirements for data analysis (see above)
  • download the anonymized dataset
  • launch jupyter notebook from the project directory, open localhost:8888 in your browser and navigate to data_analysis/Results.ipynb


Clicks-Attention-Satisfaction Evaluation Model and Metric







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