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Easily add mail users and distribution groups in LDAP
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Creating LDAP mail users and distribution groups

Mail Accounts

This tool interactively gathers some preliminary information and creates an email account using an objectClass and user attributes from postfix-book.schema. Both HTML and plain-text welcome emails are supported and customizable. This tool also assumes there is a ~/.pwf file that exists containing the LDAP admin credentials so that write access is granted for creating LDAP accounts. This file should always have 400 permissions so that nobody but the root owner has read-only access. If the file does not exist one can use

echo -n secret > ~/.pwf; chmod 400 ~/.pwf

Mail Groups

This tool can easily add email distribution groups in LDAP using an objectClass and group attribute from postfix-book.schema. Simply give it a name and if the name is one that does not exist it will get added. Note that by default there are no group members added! Group members can be added using the mailGroupMember attribute.

Note the path defined by the ldapworkdir var will be created if it it does not already exist for both users and groups.

Adding/Removing LDAP Domains

This script currently supports a total of 8 domains and is easily customizable. One can simply add and remove any number of domains as needed. For example, domains are defined within the domainlist var. The following block of code can also be used to add more than 8 domains while making sure to substitute n with the actual domain number.

echo -e "creating mail account on $blue"${domainlist[n]}"$reset";;

Likewise, to remove domains in the event we don't need to use 8, we can remove domains from the domainlist var and the relevant n block of code defined above.

PRs welcome

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