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This is the TODO list for GNU/kFreeBSD. If you want to work on any of this,
_please_ send us a mail to ask about it first (debian-bsd).
It's likely that work is already started and we can give you more details on
the particular issue.
I'd be nice if tasks and subtasks were sorted by priority.
- The gateway command in /etc/network/interfaces, which is dessigned to be a
per-interface setup, is being mapped to a generic routing setup. This is
because of route.real backend semantics and is not easy to fix.
The result is that the following command:
auto ed0
iface ed0 inet static
Is mapped to:
route add -net # for ifup
route -q flush # for ifdown
This shouldn't concern you unless you have more than one interface requiring
gateway setup.
- Glibc
- Merge patchset in upstream.
- FreeBSD
- Merge patches from our freebsd-derived packages into upstream.
- freebsd-utils is still incomplete.
- d-i: See
- Package Glibc for the FreeBSD ports collection (this will help integrating
patches in upstream).
- It'd help if we had a Debian package of ossalsalib (aka libsalsa). This
library emulates alsa's libasound so that applications written for alsa can
also be used on GNU/kFreeBSD. This is specialy useful for packages that
enable alsa support unconditionaly and FTBFS for us. See RFP #294143 for
- Add a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD image for Qemu to FreeOSZoo (
- Integrate the most we can from dmesg, swap{on,off} and {u,}mount wrapper
scripts into FreeBSD upstream (some parts will be impossible due to CLI
- Port debtakeover (so we can migrate a FreeBSD system to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD).
This requires a working debootstrap (see above).
- Make a patch for kFreeBSD to honor Linux swap signature when activating swap
partitions (currently it would activate them, but trash the signature).
There's code to do that in [hurd]/sutils/swapon.c, but if you use this code
note that it's GPLed. GPL code can be accepted in kFreeBSD upstream if they
find it useful enough, but it would go into separate gnu/ directories, and be
disabled by default.
- Port bsd-airtools and package it for Debian. bsd-airtools is provides a
complete toolset for wireless 802.11b auditing. It contains a bsd-based
WEP cracking application, a curses based AP detection application, etc.
UPDATE: there's a package in svn (trunk/bsd-airtools), but it isn't yet
known to work.
- Help with bugs in Debian BTS:
- Find a place to put the ccdcontrol call that initialy we wanted to put in
sysvinit (see #266385). This is necessary for CCD (software RAID).
UPDATE: we now have a clean freebsd-utils package, but it still doesn't
provide ccdcontrol.
- Cleanup freebsd-manpages, make sure there's no missing stuff, integrate
them with Linux manpages package, etc.
- Port/bootstrap Glasgow Haskell Compilation system (ghc6) for kfreebsd-amd64
Social work (dealing with maintainers)
There's a lot of effort in this port that requires social work rather than
hacking skills, in the area of dealing with maintainers.
- e2fsprogs transition. e2fsprogs contains utilities for ext2fs handling
which we don't normaly use (in fact, the kernel doesn't support using ext2fs
as /). However, this package is Essential: yes because it is needed for the
generic parts like fsck frontend and badblocks checking utility.
It should be split in two parts. The transition is not trivial but there is
already a patch and proposed course of action. See bug #111651.
- Another task you could do to help is reviewing patches from our subversion
repository (see
Note that patches in upstream-only/ and debian-only/ directories contain
patches that are only applicable to upstream and debian, respectively.
Each patch should have a note in its header describing (at least) its
current status. If there isn't, someone should find out what it is (check
the BTS, read changelogs, verify if it is merged, etc) and either add it,
move the patch to one of the *-only directories (if partialy merged), or
remove it (if totaly merged).
The status for most patches is "in BTS". For each of these, you can help us
by looking at the bug log and see what is left to be done. If the
maintainer has been unresponsive for some time after we sent the patch (e.g.
a few months), it might help to send a friendly reminder.
Bugs in BTS should be user ( tagged (kfreebsd).;;pri0=pending:pending,forwarded,pending-fixed,fixed,done,absent;ttl0=Outstanding,Forwarded,Pending%20Upload,Fixed%20in%20NMU,Resolved;pri1=pending%3dpending%2btag%3dwontfix,pending%3dpending%2btag%3dmoreinfo,pending%3dpending%2btag%3dpatch,pending%3dpending%2btag%3dconfirmed,pending%3dpending;ttl1=Will%20Not%20Fix,More%20information%20needed,Patch%20Available,Confirmed,Unclassified;ord1=2,3,4,1,0,5
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